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Hand of the Sky Land of the Sea

A series of online gatherings with Fourthland

Join us from October to February as we enter the dark season for 4 soulful, story-filled gatherings to journey through the autumn and winter with artists Fourthland. 


The journeys will share essences of Fourthland’s upcoming book ‘Hand of the Sky Land of the Sea’ , a 10 year monograph of their practice as a weaving and forming new myths between land and people. This beautiful publication will be published by Legion Projects in spring 2022.


The gatherings will share a selection of stories written to journey into different aspects of the psyche and inner seasonality anchored in the land. Each gathering is a labyrinth of story, meditative journey and collective sharing. 


The first, on Thursday 28th October: The Song of the Cave - a journey into the meeting with the dimension of dream and our inner sanctum. 

The second, on Thursday 25th November: The Old doors and the golden horn - a journey into the meeting with the essence of a return to a place back to where we have not quite been. 


The third on Thursday 27th January: The Eye of the Wind - a journey that guides the space between our  inner and outer callings. 


The fourth on Thursday 24th February: The Weavings of Dragons - a journey of manifestation from our sacred winter weavings.  

Full details for bookings below.

Each story presents a series of transformative archetypes that have emerged through Fourthlands range of social projects and collective processes.  

All gatherings will take place from 7pm - 8:30 pm UK time, via Zoom, in a way which enables us to enjoy the circle feeling of the event and to have discussions to deepen our connections with themes and with other participants. 


This will be a rich experience to nourish through the darker days of the seasonal cycle 


£60 for all 4 parts of the journey
£20 for singular event 



Fourthland is a place and a practice envisioned by artists Isik and Eva, as a way to delve into interconnectedness. Together revisiting notions of the sacred, the poetics of  object and craft and the mysticism of the subconscious. 

Through creating artworks across mediums of sculpture, installation, performance, film, social - and ceremonial practice the work becomes a vessel for transforming exchange - producing new myths between land and people as an antidote to disillusionment and modes of separation held in modern society. 

Fourthland use their process led research and long-standing commitment to social practice to reposition marginalised knowledge in order to form new modes of social and environmental consciousness with diverse communities and cultural groups. 


Since 2008 the work has sought to merge art and life to collectively develop the myths that are essential to enchant and reposition forms of kinship to foster a deeper connection to the land and each other. These methods produce surprising and transformative collaborative projects, choreographed rituals, sound work, storytelling and improvised sessions that weave together human and non-human communication. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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