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Monica Sjöö zine

Monica Sjöö; artist, activist, writer, mother, warrior

A zine published by Legion Projects


Swedish Monica Sjöö was a prolific artist who spent most of her life in the UK, where she became a central figure in spiritual feminist circles such as the Goddess movement. She dedicated her life to fighting injustice and was an active member of grassroots initiatives throughout her life, including Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. Her political activism and relationship to myth and land is present in all of her art, which included painting, collage and drawing. This zine is an introduction to Monica's work, and is intended to recognise her important contribution to art, activism and spirituality in the UK and internationally.


The publication features full colour reproductions of her work and includes contextualising essays by Legion Projects, Ruth Lindley, Sue Tate, Rupert White, as well as Monica’s own writings.

Edited by Una Hamilton Helle & Matthew Hughes
Designed by Blue Firth
76 pages, 250 x 180mm, printed in colour
Printed in 2022 in an edition of 500
ISBN 978-1-9196549-0-4

Monica Sjöö zine

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