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Annabel Pettigrew - Josephine Woodcut.

Woodcut by Annabel Pettigrew, with Automatic writing


“Josephine is me in a past life. She lived in America during the Witch Trials - a settler from England. In 1743 she was tried and hanged for her ‘crimes’ of helping other women who were victims of abuse, sexual violence or rape. She was a herbalist, a healer, a Green Witch.

Josephine represents all women who have been persecuted for their womanhood; persecuted for acting independently, or trying to take responsibility for themselves. After she was killed, her body was removed from the gallows in secret and laid to rest respectfully. She was buried by those who believed she was a good and honest woman - she was killed by those who deemed her actions to be ungodly. A rosemary bush was planted on her grave and her energy lived on through the tinctures and magic made from the plant.”


Edition of 5, will be posted by the artist.


Annabel Pettigrew - Josephine Woodcut.

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