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Monica infront of ‘Goddess at Avebury’, painted following her ‘initiation’ at Silbury Hill

Monica Sjöö
artist, activist, writer, mother, warrior

A zine published by Legion Projects

Monica Sjöö: artist, activist, writer, mother, warrior is a new zine about the visionary Swedish artist. Monica Sjöö (1938 - 2005) dedicated her life to fighting injustice and was a central figure in spiritual feminist circles, such as the Goddess Movement and the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. Her political activism and relationship to myth and land is present in all of her art, which included painting, collage and drawing.

The publication features full colour reproductions of her work and includes contextualising essays by Legion Projects, Ruth Lindley, Sue Tate, Rupert White,

as well as Monica’s

own writings.

Monica Sjöö spent most of her life in Bristol and Wales, and was deeply engaged with the landscape around her. Her paintings show Britain's sacred sites as portals to the ancient past, of which she also wrote about extensively. Although her theories and artworks about the Earth Mother were being made at the same time as the New Age scene was developing in the 70s and 80s,  Monica was an outspoken critic of the movement's more commercial and individualistic thinking. Her spirituality was intimately entwined with her politics, and she was an active member of grassroots initiatives throughout her life. This zine is an introduction to Monica's work, and is intended to recognise her important contribution to art, activism and spirituality in the UK and internationally.

The zine was launched in collaboration with Spike Island, January 2022.

Portrait (Monica Sjöö)

by Jane Jackson 1977

A Short Documentary following 

Monica's work and life in 1977. Filmed in Bristol, at Monica's flat in Clifton, and in the gallery at Bristol Polytechnic.

Monica Sjöö A3 Posters

These multiples were made by Monica Sjöö in the 80s and 90s to be sold at the the first Goddess Conferences, so people could acquire affordable versions of her work.


100% of sale profits will go towards preserving, restoring and archiving the legacy that Monica left. The Monica Sjöö Estate, which is run by Monica's remaining family, needs to fund the housing of the collection as well as ensuring that everything is kept in the best possible condition for the benefit of future generations.

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