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 Legion Projects x AF Clay 
 Kitchen Alchemy

Legion projects presents Kitchen Alchemy: a new line of artisan tableware created by AF Clay.

Each piece takes inspiration from historical British pottery and is hand-decorated with a mixture of applied elements, carved contours and expressly painted oxides. The custom grogged stoneware clay body achieves a rustic, tactile feel whilst ensuring both durability and elegance.The collection uses AFs signature earthy colourways of rich amber, green honey, brushed bronze and warm-mottled-stone glazes. 

Kitchen Alchemy is a new collection of tableware and decorative ceramics unveiling the folklore traditions in the heart of the home; the kitchen. Combining traditional slipware techniques and historical forms, this collection revolves around 8 ingredients ubiquitous within the culinary alchemy of homes across the ages ; Salt, Milk, Honey, Butter, Lemon and Wheat. 

Central to the project is the Kitchen Witch; said to protect against negative energies, ensure nutritious meals and gift warmth and hospitality into the home. The matriarchal emblem reveres the sustaining and healing knowledge performed in domestic labour, elevated to the divine. 

*Please note we can only ship this collection within the UK

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